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SAT Corporate Service is a leading company specializing in visa services. We provide various visa options, including investor visas, freelance visas, and silver, green, and golden visas.

An investor visa allows individuals to invest in a foreign country and gain residency or citizenship. SAT Corporate Service assists by guiding clients through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is submitted, and providing expert advice throughout the visa acquisition journey.

A freelance visa allows individuals to work independently in a foreign country. SAT Corporate Service helps clients navigate the freelance visa application process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and supporting them in obtaining the necessary permits and documentation.

Silver, green, and golden visas are different residency or citizenship programs offered by various countries. SAT Corporate Service provides comprehensive assistance to individuals interested in these programs, including guiding them through the application process, preparing the required documents, and offering professional support at every step.

The availability of these visa programs varies depending on the country. SAT Corporate Service has extensive knowledge and experience working with numerous countries worldwide. We can provide detailed information on specific countries and their respective visa programs.

Eligibility requirements can vary depending on the visa program and the country you are applying to. SAT Corporate Service assists clients by assessing their individual circumstances, providing guidance on meeting the eligibility criteria, and ensuring all necessary documentation is prepared accurately.

The processing times for visas can vary significantly based on the country and the specific visa program. SAT Corporate Service keeps clients informed about estimated processing times and provides regular updates throughout the application process.


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