We offer Business Setup, Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, PRO Services, Local sponsorship, Trade license renewal, Visa services, Documents Clearing and Buying and Selling of Business, Company Liquidation.

Business Setup in Mainland Dubai

It’s time to begin your journey as an Entrepreneur. Setting a Business in Dubai can be stressful and challenging, but we will guide you step by step all the procedures that will help in hassle free company setup in Dubai.

Freezone Company Formation

Free-zone, also called Free Trade Zones are special zones in Dubai which provide tax and customs duty benefits to the foreign investors. Setting up a business in Dubai Free-zones offers 100% import and export tax exemptions.

Virtual Offices

Work from Anywhere! Get your own prestigious virtual address. EJARI / Sub-Lease Contract, Prime Business Address, Meeting Rooms, Local Telephone Number, Office Suites.


Visa & PRO Services

We provide PRO Services including TASHEEL services, application for new renewals, modifying, lost and replacement of Emirates ID, services for obtaining Visas (Dependent, Employment and other), Visa Medical Services and all other government documents clearing services.

Buying & Selling of Business

Looking for business for sale in Dubai. Buying an existing business is a quick way to own a business. If you are looking at selling your business or part of your business, we can help you with it. We can reach out to our network of investors to help you sell your business.

Company Liquidation

When a company goes into liquidation, it sells its assets to pay off its debts/liabilities/obligations. The amount from the sale of the assets are distributed to the company’s shareholders.


Answering some of the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Trade License in Dubai ?

Choose the type of business you want to undertake in Dubai or any of the other Emirates. Consider whether the proposed business activity is feasible and whether you can carry out your preferred business in the area. Select a business's legal structure or form. Set aside a trade name for your company. Request an initial approval, gather the necessary documents, and rent an office with an Ejari. Get your trade license in hand after paying your payment voucher!

How can I start a business in Dubai?

The steps to start a business in Dubai are as follows:


Select a business activity.
Choose a sponsor or partner.
Select the Legal Type/Structure of the Business.
Reserve a Trade Name for your Business.
Apply for an Initial Approval.
Get the necessary documents prepared.
Rent an Office space along with an Ejari.
Do the required payments.
Get your trade license.

What are the benefits of a free zone?

Free zone businesses may be fully held by a single foreign investor or by several foreign nationals. They are not required to have a local sponsor for their business. All nationalities are welcome to own a free zone company. The information on assets owned by free zone enterprises is kept in the strictest secrecy by free zone authorities. With no restrictions on trade or business volume, all free zone companies are free to conduct business with other businesses both within the individual free zone jurisdiction and globally. Customs duties are not applied to goods imported by free zone businesses. Companies operating in free zones are likewise exempt from corporate and income taxes. There are no limitations on the transfer of capital investments or earnings to foreign nations.

How can I get residency in Dubai?

If a company offers sponsorship, an individual may obtain citizenship in Dubai. After two years, the Dubai residency permit must be renewed. The purchase of real estate in Dubai is another method of obtaining citizenship. Once a person becomes a resident, they are also able to create a Dubai bank account.

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