What is a Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa is a revolutionary initiative that aims to attract global talent, entrepreneurs, and investors who are passionate about sustainable development and green technologies. This visa program offers a range of benefits and incentives to individuals and businesses dedicated to promoting a greener future. It provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and investment opportunities in the rapidly expanding green sector of the UAE.


Who is Eligible for a UAE Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa program offers various categories for individuals seeking to obtain a green residence permit:


Skilled Employee

Skilled professionals with expertise in green technologies, renewable energy, sustainability, and related fields can apply for a green residence visa. This category aims to attract and retain top talent in the UAE’s growing green industry.



Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed individuals who are actively engaged in green businesses or sustainable projects are eligible for a green residence visa. This category supports individuals who wish to establish their own ventures or contribute to the UAE’s sustainable economy.



Investors and partners who are interested in investing in or partnering with green businesses in the UAE can obtain a green residence visa. This category encourages foreign investment in sustainable projects and supports the growth of the green economy.


The Benefits of a UAE Green Visa

Obtaining a UAE Green Visa through SAT Corporate offers a wide range of benefits:


Business Opportunities

The UAE Green Visa provides access to a thriving network of green businesses, investors, and industry experts, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth in the sustainable sector.


Long-Term Residency

The UAE Green Visa offers a long-term residence permit, allowing individuals and their families to live, work, and study in the UAE for an extended period. This stability provides a solid foundation for personal and professional development.


Ease of Business Setup

SAT Corporate’s expertise in sustainable business setup ensures a streamlined and hassle-free process. We handle all aspects, from company formation to licensing and permits, enabling you to focus on driving your green business forward.


Access to Local Market

With a UAE Green Visa, you can tap into the local market and leverage the UAE’s strategic location as a gateway to regional and global markets. SAT Corporate’s in-depth knowledge of the local business landscape will guide you in navigating market challenges and opportunities.


Networking and Knowledge Sharing

SAT Corporate actively engages with industry events, conferences, and forums, facilitating networking opportunities and knowledge sharing within the green community. As our client, you gain access to these valuable resources, strengthening your position in the sustainable business sector.

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